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It’s time to cut the cord and embrace wireless. Traditional “burglar alarms” for businesses have always involved miles and miles of cables running to multiple devices. This has always meant a large investment in equipment to keep inventory and employees secure. On top of that, it’s usually linked to an even heftier installation bill.

Even today, with wireless technology on the rise, many businesses have shied away from wireless security systems. There is this fear of complicated systems, possible hacking, and interference. Another fear is the misbelief that wireless systems will malfunction and crash more often.

However, with PowerG Wireless Technology, you get the reliability of traditional security systems, plus multiple industry innovations that have turned the security industry upside down.

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Unparalleled Smart Security Cyber Protection

Iron-clad encryption
Ultra-reliable, two-way 128-bit AES encrypted communication blocks interference and delivers unparalleled cyber protection. This protects the system from hacking. Also, it ensures reliable performance with minimum false alarms.

Another great benefit of AES encryption is the near inability that signals from other systems can interfere with your security system.

Frequency hopping
Each device in your wireless security system continuously looks for the clearest line of communication to the control panel. How does this work? Simple. PowerG takes larger frequency bands and divides them into 50 channels. This allows for less interference and increased stability of the signal. As a result, you get line-of-sight coverage of larger areas up to 1.2 miles, with the ability to send images, video clips, and audio files completely wireless.

Security with PowerG Technology

Two-way communication

With PowerG wireless security systems, each device communicates with the control panel using two-way synchronous TDMA communication. In other words, it’s like a conversation of question and answer. Because of this, alarm signals aren’t missed while reducing information collisions.

Especially with larger systems, where multiple devices are spread out over a large complex, two-way communication allows for each device to communicate its status to the control panel, while allowing for commands to be sent to the devices.

Better battery efficiency

Having a wireless security system involves devices that operate on batteries. Just thinking about the cost of all those batteries gives you an ulcer. That may have been the case with earlier wireless technologies. Yet, with PowerG Wireless Technology battery life increases by 60 percent.

Due to the efficiency of adaptive path technology and frequency hopping, the devices within the security system don’t waste power. No more signals that go nowhere or inefficient paths of communication. Therefore, the savings on batteries with such technology is significant.

Commercial security has gotten easier with significant improvements in security and reliability, less interference, and increased battery life. Using a PowerG wireless security system is an ideal solution for larger business complexes.

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